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Witchy Centaur Essentials

Chakra Sprays and Oils

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Special blends of oils and herbs perfect for the chakra cleanse and clearing you need! Spray and oil contain the same herbs and crystals. Oils have skin safe oils to use on the body or in spell work. Sprays are for using around the house and/or in your space.

Crown Chakra- For the head, pineal, hypothalamus, and pituitary gland.

Third Eye/Brow Chakra- For thoughts, analysis, imagination, and intuition.

Throat Chakra- For thyroid, metabolism and communication. 

Heart Chakra- For heart, compassion, love and spirituality. 

Solar Plexus Chakra- For stomach, liver, other organs and glands in the solar plexus area.

Sacral Chakra- For small and large intestines, womb and reproductive organs. 

Root/Base Chakra- For pelvis, sex, organs, legs and hips.

****All oils contain nuts****