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Witchy Centaur Essentials

Sugar Scrubs

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All scrubs are vegan, natural and/or Organic. We only use natural scents from Essential oils. Only natural plant based dyes are used.


Down To Earth blend Ingredients: *Pure cane sugar, Vanilla EO, *Lavender EO, *Lemon EO, Sweet almond, Shea nut, Fractioned Coconut, *Hemp seed, *Jojoba, and *Sesame. *Organic

This blend of oils works for all skin types. It will make you feel so smooth without a greasy feel. This blend provides a long lasting smooth feeling.

Eternal you Ingredients: *Pure cane sugar, Vanilla EO, *Lavender EO, *Lemon EO, Apricot, Avocado, Shea nut, Fractioned Coconut, *Hemp seed, And walnut. *Organic

This works with more mature skin keeping the skin looking youthful.

Problem be gone Ingredients: *Pure cane sugar, *Lavender EO, *Tea Tree EO, Geranium EO, *Peppermint EO, Apricot, Sesame, Shea nut, Fractioned Coconut, *Hemp seed, And Castro. *Organic

This blend works best for skin with issues as in psoriasis, dry, itchy, eczema, arthritis, and damaged.


Apple Crisp Exfoliation ingredients: *Pure cane sugar, *Brown Sugar, *Cinnamon, Apple Orchard Essential Oil Blend, *Oatmeal, Sweet almond,Shea nut, Fractioned Coconut, *Hemp seed,*Jojoba, grapeseed oil and *Sesame. *Organic


This blend is for extra exfoliation! Great for preventing ingrown hairs and keeping skin soft, hydrated and smooth.


Juneteenth Sugar Scrub

Ingredients: Sugar, Coconut,Jojoba, Vitamin E, Hemp, Castro, Shea, Grapefruit, Charcoal (color), Hibiscus (color), Spirulina (color),Oatmeal, Helichrysum, Sandalwood and Orange.

 Geared towards Black American skin care.